Right To Life

I have always supported the right to life. I will never support a bill that Federally funds the taking of innocent life through abortion.

John Carter voted for the omnibus bill in December 2015 and again in 2017 he voted for the Continuing Resolution, which funded Planned Parenthood and allows them, a non-governmental business, to continue the biggest profit center they have - abortion, and allows Planned Parenthood to continue harvesting baby human organs for sale (by law they are allowed to be compensated for their cost of harvesting) - with our tax dollars.

Judge John Carter had an opportunity to vote “NO” along with over 100 other house Representatives to stop this horror, but he chose to vote with the Democrats and establishment Republicans once again. 

It’s time for a change in District 31 - go to the polls in March and put a true conservative in Congress.


Vote Mike Sweeney For U.S.  Congress

District 31 * Texas

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