Regulation and the Environment

President Trump has taken giant steps to change many regulatory strangleholds on the American people.  However, even now, with a Republican Congress there is no real legislation on President Trump’s desk. We hear Ryan say “we have a bill”…friends, in way too many cases Congress didn’t write it. K Street lobbyists are writing the bills for their benefit only.  Not ours. This must change; Mike is committed to that change.

The recent passing of the Financial CHOICE Act helped rein in some of the Dodd Frank over reach on banks and credit unions but there is not enough relief due to the CFPB still being in place (Consumer Protection Finance Agency) which has no oversite and is little more than a progessive movement to gain funds from financial institutions. Individual tax payers are not privy to how these funds are spent.

We need truth in action, not word play in our government